led 7 watt power

led 7 watt power

Product no.: led 7 watt


Aperture : 60 °
7 x 1W LED
Socket: E27
Power: about 7 watts
Voltage: AC 85 -260V
Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 100 mm
Photon flux density PAR PPDF 1350 ? Mol / m sec. (15 cm)
Mixing ratio Red: Blue ( 630.460 ) = 5:2 (wavelength in nanometers)

Finally, the tremendous advantages of LED technology can be used in plant lighting.

This lamp produces really only plant spectrum light. Only those LEDs were installed to radiate exactly the right wavelength for the growth and flowering. A sodium vapor lamp is good for plant growing , as it produces tremendously MUCH light. However, only a portion of this light can (about 10% ) can be used by the plant , the remainder is wasted energy . In addition, a NDL does not convert the entire energy into light . A large part of the energy is converted into heat. An LED lamp does not. It produces neither the wrong spectrum of light , or heat special only what is needed - plants light!

This lamp produces a small but concentrated illumination area . It is therefore suitable mainly as a supporter for the " dark corners " in a breeding room . Due to its attractive designs , however, the lamp is also ideal for use at exhibitions or in living rooms suitable .

Virtually no maintenance required
Reduces the temperature in the room by up to 15 ° compared with sodium vapor lamps
95 % of the light can be utilized by the plants (less than 10 % by sodium lamps )
Consumes 90% LESS Energieverglichen with sodium vapor lamps . (50 % less compared to energy-saving lamps plants - ESLs )
High Power LED last up to 15years ( !) , When used daily , without changes in color reproduction and brightness . ( Max. 3 at NDLs )

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