Terms and Conditions

Business Conditions § 1 Application Area The following sales terms and delivery conditions apply to all contracts for end customers with the company Greenbud. This also applies to all follow-up orders and orders from currently existing business relationships. All exceptions must be agreed upon and in writing. § 2 Range of Products, Prices and Payment Conditions •All Internet offers are subject to change. Prices quoted are in Euro currency and inclusive of VAT. The current prices are published on the website www.Greenbud.de •Every order purchased at the online-store is binding. The company Greenbud is authorized to submit or reject orders within 7 days after receiving an acceptable order for products and services. •External features such as measurements, color, and form may differ from online or printed information. Please note some items may differ from their published information and description. According to the law such irrelevant variations are not considered defects. § 3 Shipping and Payment Conditions •Packages with a weight up to 30 kg are normally shipped with Deutsche Post AG or DHL. Preferred shipping can be stated but the final decision is reserved for the company Greenbud. •All sales will be handled in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. All counterclaims will be dealt with at the discretion of the seller. •The right of retention by the seller is limited to cases in which the counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship. •Refunds and repayment methods will be handled at the discretion of the seller. Cancellation of credit card payments is not possible. § 4 Reservation of Property Rights •The product stays property of the company Greenbud until the full purchase price is paid and all other conditions related to the purchase are fulfilled. § 5 Term of Delivery •In the event of serious delay Greenbud reserves a two week grace period for shipping orders from the date notice of the delay is received by mail. § 6 Warranty Information for Defective Products •All manufacturer warranties are sold as is and valid in accordance with any applicable regulations and/or laws. In certain cases the original warranty may be extended by the manufacturer. •In the event of manufacturer defect the defective product will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Greenbud. Greenbud reserves the right to deny replacement or repair when the cost of repair or replacement is greater than the overall value of the repaired or replaced product. •In the event you receive a defective product, you must inform Greenbud within 14 days by mail. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of replacement or repair. All warranties apply only to original manufacturer defects. All other damage, accidental or intentional, will not be covered. Warranties apply to the original purchaser online and are non-transferable through sale or otherwise. •All notices of defective goods must include a detailed description of the defect. Also include a copy of your customer receipt/bill. Any returned products should be shipped in their original packaging or a similar form of packaging that provides at least the same amount of protection as the original packaging. •If you feel your product was damaged during shipping or if something is missing from your order, you must retain the original packaging and paperwork for review by a claims expert. Damage to the exterior of the package should be noted on your receiving paperwork and verified by the shipping agent. Notice of claims for damage during shipping must be sent by Email to Greenbud immediately. § 7 Limitation of Liability •Any other claims will only be considered in the event of intentional or negligent behavior on the part of Greenbud. This limitation of liability does not apply to products no longer covered by their respective warranties. •All claims will be handled within the guidelines and regulations set forth in the Product Liability Act. •Greenbud only covers damage that is included in our guarantee; however there is no limit to the amount of coverage for body or health. •Greenbud is only responsible for personal damages to your body or health as a result a defect § 8 Data Protection •Our customer data is handled in compliance with the German Data Protection Act. We are authorized to record, process, and give data of our customers to a third party to process and to fulfill contractual obligations. § 9 Shipping Liability •Shipping insurance under the customer’s name is available at the time of purchase upon request. All liability is passed to the customer upon delivery. •The customer is responsible for the item while in transit to Greenbud for returns except for items seeking warranty coverage. •When shipping items for any reason to Greenbud, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the item is properly and securely packed to prevent any damage while in transit. •Greenbud must be notified prior to any returns. •Greenbud reserves the right to dispatch a shipping company to retrieve the product from its location. §10 Information and Statutory Provision •Greenbud will do its best to provide customers with information regarding the use of their purchase within the limits of Greenbud’s experience with said product. •The customer is responsible for storage, further transport, and usage of our products in compliance with the law. §11 Laws of Distance Selling Act The following regulations are only valid for contracts between the company Greenbud and the consumer through an order via Internet or other means of communication. This only applies to consumer within the EG. (1)Features of the products Features of the products can be found on the Greenbud website; however products on the website are subject to change. All orders are final. Greenbud can confirm the order within 7 days of its receipt. Orders will be confirmed by email when possible. (2) Exceptions If a portion of an order is out of stock, Greenbud may send any portion of the order that is immediately available. Some products may differ from the advertised description or image. This is especially true of handmade or custom products. Greenbud reserves the right to provide alternative products of equal or greater value and function. (3) Prices and Taxes Prices including taxes are available on the Greenbud website or through request. All prices are subject to change. (4) Warranties for Defective Items Greenbud will provide a period of time as required by law for the return of defective products. This period of time may be extended by the manufacturer when deemed appropriate. (5) Shipping and Handling Orders paid for by cash on delivery will incur an additional charge of € 7.90. Orders that are pre-paid may incur additional charges if the order requires additional packaging or special handling. Orders will be shipped once payment is confirmed. (6) Returns Products can be returned within a period of 4 weeks from the date of delivery. When mailing products back to Greenbud, a return request must also be sent by email within the 4 week period. Consumable products, products with an expiration date, special orders, and custom products may not be returned. If you are unable to return a product within the specified period but wish to do so you may send an email, fax, or letter to Greenbud requesting additional time. Any extensions will be granted at Greenbud’s discretion. Items for return should be sent to the company address listed in §13 below. When possible the reason for return should be included in either the return request email or with the item. Orders for return will be refunded once the returned product is received. Shipping costs will only be reimbursed for individual items returned with a value over € 40.00 at the time of purchase and sent within Germany. For all items with a value under € 51.10 please use the most economical shipping option when returning the item. For example: “Päckchen” or “Büchersendung”. If the value of your item is over € 51.10 please ship it as a “Paket” and keep all shipping receipts. Greenbud recommends you alert them as soon as the item is shipped. In some cases Greenbud can arrange for the item to be picked up at the customer’s location. In most cases this is the most economical and secure solution. (7) Guarantees For contracts with consumers the legal guarantee of 24 months is valid starting from purchase date. For contracts with distributors or resellers Greenbud reserves the right to change the length of any applicable warranties. Used items, lamps, and consumables will only be protected against manufacturer defects. In some cases, where the manufacturer has agreed, Greenbud may warranty the aforementioned articles. When making a warranty claim, the buyer must indicate to Greenbud in detail their situation by letter, fax, email, or phone immediately. Certain items may be repaired or refurbished, however the warranty remains valid from the original date of purchase and not the date of repair. Greenbud will not service or guarantee products that were A) abused or used outside of their stated purpose B) the claim or request for repair was not made in a timely manner C) modified after purchase in anyway D) improperly serviced or maintained. Normal wear and tear is not covered by Greenbud. Greenbud reserves the right to decide whether to repair, replace, or refund all items seeking warranty coverage. In some cases Greenbud may deduct a portion from the refund amount to compensate for depreciation etc. In cases of Fraudulent return, a fee of € 35.00 (inspection costs) plus shipping will be accessed. Please ensure all items shipped to Greenbud are properly packaged and handled and that the shipping costs are properly paid to ensure swift delivery. If an item is received by Greenbud that requires additional shipping costs the buyer is responsible. If it is later determined a shipping refund is in order, the buyer will be compensated. § 12 Jurisdiction All applicable laws for the country where the order originates or where the products are shipped should be followed. In all other cases German law shall apply. § 13 Company Name and Address Firma Greenbud Katenkoppel 25 25524 Itzehoe Tel.: 0049 (0) 4821 405687 Fax: 0049 (0) 1805/ 06033995542 Email: Greenbud@t-online.de Website: www.greenbud.de Owner: Tobias Sevastos Mobile: 0176 22003078 Bank Information Sparkasse Itzehoe Account Number: 33138946 BLZ: 22250020 Tax Number: 1801906865 USt Number: DE256703868 Thanks from your friends at Greenbud!