Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments
In order to ensure a successful crop, it is of utmost importance to provide the plants with the best environmental conditions. The ideal PH-value is between 5 and 7. Within this range, plants can absorb and process nutrients optimally. These nutrients must be supplied in a well-balanced dosage so care must be taken. Over-fertilisation usually leads to death! So measure the EC and PH values of your fertilising solution regularly. The EC value lets you know how much salt and nutrients are in your solution. The ideal value is between 1.2 and 1.6 EC. Duty to supply information - German Battery Ordinance When selling and/or delivering batteries or rechargeable batteries, as stated in the German Battery Ordinance, we are required to point out the following: Batteries may not be put in the standard household rubbish. It is by law your responsibility as a consumer to return batteries to the proper place. You can return batteries to the seller or locally (eg. communal collection areas or shops) free of charge. You can also return batteries to us via post. We shall refund you the cost of sending your old batteries to us. Batteries or rechargeable batteries which contain toxic substances are labelled with a crossed out rubbish bin. Close to this symbol you can see the chemical description of the toxic substance. "Cd" is cadmium, "Pb" is lead and "Hg" for mercury.

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Product no.: 0000000079
EC meter special offer Good workmanship, excellent price-performance ratio. Measuring range 0-19.99ms/cm. This EC meter is very accurate and is equipped with a micro-processor and an automatic temperature compensator. This is the ideal EC meter for professional use at an affordable price.
Product no.: 0000000272
Greenbud PH meter PH-900 a reliable PH meter at an unbeatable price - includes calibration solution 0.0 PH - 14.0 PH - resolution 0.01 - temperature display 5°C - 50°C - measuring accuracy 0.1 PH - Battery 4x 1.5volt button cells - Running time 200 hours at a temp. (ATC) of 0°C - 50°C - Calibration: 2 point calibration - Dimensions 17mm x 36mm x 23mm - Weight 91g
Product no.: 0000000613

PH meter with temperature display This PH meter is equipped with a highly sensitive, fast and accurate PH electrode. With a 4-digit LCD display, this meter is reliable, robust and portable. Operation is easy and comfortable at home as well as in field use. The PH meter also has a thermometer and the temperature is displayed simultaneously. Our edition comes with a practical storage box, 2 bottles of calibration solution (PH 6.864 and PH 4.003) and a trimmer.

59.90 €
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Product no.: ec+ph combo
EC / tds/ Themperatur Meter Combo in einen Gerät
Product no.: 0000000074
HANNA "EC Gro´-Chek" Waterproof, stationary EC-measuring instrument with external measurement Current supply over external power pack. Measuring accuracy 2%.
Product no.: 0000000076
HANNA Combo Meter Measure PH and EC value with 1 electrode. Easy operation. Waterproof! Automatic temperature compensation!
Product no.: 0000000075
HANNA combo Digital, battery-powered measuring device for PH, EC, TDS values and temperature. Waterproof with exchangeable PH electrode
Product no.: hanna 2

Composed of:
1 x 106089 MilwaukipH Tester
1 x 106090 MilwaukiEC Tester
1 x 102216 PH buffer solution 4,01, 20ml
1 x 102215 PH buffer solution 7,01, 20 ml
1 x 102219 EC calibrat. fluid 1,413, 20ml
1 x 102253 Adv. Hydr. pH-Down Grow
1 x 102256 Adv. Hydr. pH-Down Bloom
1 x 102250 Advanced Hydropon. pH Up

99.90 €
Product no.: 0000000455

GIB Industries PH meter GIB Industries PH meter. Accuracy 0.02 PH, professional manual temperature compensation.

Product no.: 0000000463

EC + PH meter incl. calibration solution Case set SM100&SM302, portable case with battery, electrode and buffer solution.

219.90 €
Product no.: 0000000409
EC meter + PH meter The PH meter is equipped with a highly sensitive, fast and accurate PH electrode. With a 3-digit display, this meter is reliable, robust and portable. Easy to operate and comfortable in the house or in field use. Includes **practical storage box**, trimmer and calibration solution. The EC meter is very precise and includes a microprocessor and automatic temperature compensation. This is the ideal EC meter for professional use at an affordable price. Excellent devices for flower lovers. Range 0-19.99ms/cm
Product no.: 0000000273

ADWA digital EC-Meter with automatic temperature compensation

59.90 €
Product no.: 0000000558
EC Truncheon Greenbud recommendation!!! Professional gauge pin, extremely easy to operate. Automatic ON/OFF function. No need to calibrate! 2 year guarantee.
Product no.: 0000000078
Earth humidity Sensor "Blumat Digital" - Tensiometer for accurate measuring of humidity in the substrate.
Product no.: 0000000077
Thermo and Hygrometer with MIN-MAX memory function With this device it is possible to determine the highest and lowest air temperature and humidity. With the push of a button the values are deleted. IMPORTANT: For ideal climate control, you can measure if it was too hot or cold during the daytime or nighttime phases and if the humidity is/was correct. Of utmost importance ;)
Product no.: 0000000662

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Product no.: Milwaukee EC

Milwaukee EC Tester CD611

44.90 €
Product no.: Milwaukee PH

Milwaukee pH-Messgerät pH 600

The meter from the house is a Milwaukee pH Tester with LCD display for easy and direct pH measurement.

44.90 €
Product no.: lichtmesser
Milwaukee Smart Luxmeter
Product no.: 0000000536
PH Earth tester PH Earth tester for measuring the PH of Earth. Includes reacting tablets for 8 tests
Product no.: 0000000402
ADWA PH meter ADWA PH meter automatic 2 point calibration, accuracy 0.1 PH
Product no.: 0000000073
HANNA PH meter Digital PH meter with pin gauge and large display - Measuring range 0 - 14 PH - Accuracy +/- 0.1 PH - Resolution 0.1 incl. calibration tool
Product no.: 0000000071

EC meter Hanna instruments one of the best EC meters EC Meter HANNA Model "DIST 4" - Digital pin gauge with large display - range 0-9.9 EC - measuring accuracy +/- 2% - Resolution 0,1 EC automatic - Temperature compensation incl. calibration tool Ideal for hydro-growing... in rockwool, swelling clay etc. to avoid over or under-fertilising.

Product no.: hanna check

Hanna Checker pH-Meter

Hanna Checker pH-Meter, 2 points calibration 0 - 14 pH, accuracy 0.2 pH


Product no.: 0000000201
PH 7.01 calibration solution PH 7.01 calibration solution. 110ml bottle for PH meter.
Product no.: 0000000287
EC calibration solution 1.413, 20ml EC meter must be calibrated regularly in order to ensure a precise measurement.

Product no.: auf
Product no.: 0000000289
PH calibration solution PH meter must be calibrated regularly in order to ensure a precise measurement.
Product no.: 0000000476
EC 1.413 calibration solution EC 1.413 calibration solution. 110ml bottle for EC meter.
Product no.: milwaukee

Milwaukee Smart EC-Tester


99.90 €
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