Greenbudbox Mylar XXL the large one


Greenbudbox Mylar XXL the large one

Product no.: 195195200
389.90 €

This box is the hammer!! It was manufactured particularly for the Homegrower and its needs by us. All Greenbudbox of Mylan models is from the inside coated with highly reflecting Mylarfolie. Beside the extremely high light reflection this characteristic offers also an effective protection from the perception by thermal image cameras. The high-quality processing and strong carrying capacity speak for itself. This very robust box consists of tear-firm, 100% light and air-impermeable material. The inside of the Greenbud Mylarbox is silver and offers the highest reflection degrees of approx. (+98%).


Product Note Status Price
Growbox Mylar 150x150x200 Growbox Mylar 150x150x200
179.90 €
Greenbudbox   240x120x200 Greenbudbox 240x120x200
199.90 €
Secret Jardin DarkRoom Secret Jardin DarkRoom
479.90 €
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