SPUDNIK Air Cooled Reflektor,Anschlussflansch: 150 mm

Product no.: sputnik 150
184.90 €
Delivery weight: 5 kg

The SPUDNIK reflector is available in two different varieties for 125 mm (108196) and 150 mm tubes.. Customers simply attach a Prima Klima inline ventilation fan to blow cool air over the lamp, cooling the light fixture and allowing the hot air around the lamp to be ducted out of the room before it gets a chance to create heat issues.
Choose SPUDNIK—Because Every Inch Counts!

The SPUDNIK has been the choice of the professionals for years—with a hugely efficient reflector shape complete with an incredible 95% reflective VEGA/MIRO9 insert, the SPUDNIK simply will not be outshone by any other air-cooled units.

- 95% reflection
- Miro9 inside reflector
- Stucco cap 0.8 mm shaped reflector
- Includes glass sheet: 4 mm
- Flange:150 mm (6”)
- Glass 490 x 550 mm



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SPUDNIK Air Cooled Reflektor, Stucco, Glas SPUDNIK Air Cooled Reflektor, Stucco, Glas
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