Reflectoren gibt es in allen möglichen Formen und Ausführungen,alle haben eine E 40 Fassung

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Product no.: 0000000541
Cool tube hard glass tube reflector 125 mm
  •  with external reflector
  • Length 490 mm
49.90 €
Product no.: 0000000546
Special offer
Cool tube hard glass tube reflector 125 mm
  • with external reflector
  • Length 390 mm
If one attaches a small fan, then this blows the hot air of the lamp away. The heat development of the lamp becomes thereby around 30 - 40% reduce. Also one can bring the lamp more near to the plant points. Ideally in areas, in which several lamps can be coupled.
Product no.: 0000000351

special price!!

Cool tube Ø 125 mm with
  • external reflector
  •  Length 800 mm
  • for 2 lamps
 No sale into the USA and to England!!!
Product no.: 0000000015
 Cool tube hard glass tube reflector
Tubular reflector with windowpane and 150er connections for suction hose
  • Installed ceramic(s) version.
  • The heat of the tube can be sucked off.
  • 150mm diameter, 50 cm length
Product no.: 0000000010
high polish reflector 45x50
  •  inclusive E40 version
Also this screen one can use for energy savings shining means, the shining means bends then a little forward, but one can save so a little money
Product no.: 0000000009
hammered finish reflector 45x50
  •  inclusive E40 version
One can use this screen also for energy savings shining means, the shining means then a little forward bends, but one can save so a little money
Product no.: 0000000012
The original glass-coated This reflector is somewhat more expensively, however a very good choice, since it bring along many attitude possibilities regarding the position of the shining means and the angle of the wings.
Both large and low heights are possible. Compared to a conventional reflector the Adjust A Wings reflector a 88% covers larger area, saves 44% energy and develops 43% less heat. Stainless, 97% reflecting. For 400 Watts up to 600 Watts of lamps.
 The original from Australia! High-quality and variable!
Glass-coats against corrosion! Inclusive ceramic(s) version.
90.00 €
Current daily price
Product no.: 0000000505


Wingreflektor Large Wingreflektor Stucco with installed ceramic(s) version and heat shield.

Heights are adjustable
with super price performance ratio
For a larger illuminating!! With the same Watt number
59.90 €

In stock

Product no.: wings

Low-cost alternative to the original Big Wing reflector with E40 socket. adjustable in height

69.90 €
Product no.: 0000000341
Special offer
 Reflector for 2 CFL energy-savings lamp
  • L x B x H: 99 x 50 x 17 cm
  • E40 ceramic(s) base with inserted exhaust
  • with cable
  • thus never more heat problems
Into this screen one can use 2 energy-savings lamp (CFL). Stable execution fits also in each breeding box,
2 x 200 Watts of Greenbud energy-savings lamp of their choice
energy efficiency class A
Middle nominal life span: 10.000 hours
Product no.: 0000000277
Reflector for 2 CFL energy-savings lamp
•Into this screen one can use 2 energy energy-savings lamp (CFL).
•Fits into each breeding box
• stable execution
•inclusive cables and integrated exhausts for better circulation.
 never again heat buildup!!!
Product no.: 0000000244

Stuco for energy saving lamps

25.90 €
Product no.: 0000000682

For energy save lamps  with E 40 sockel and Cable with plug 

Product no.: 0000000011
Compact, closed solution, which possesses closing flaps also reflecting contrary to other reflectors.
The measures of this reflector amount to 37cm broad x 38cm length x 12cm height.
It is supplied with 2 end caps and had thereby a closed reflector
 Not for ESL suitably!
Product no.: Spreader für just

Spreader für Ad Just a Wing medium


22.90 €
Product no.: wings defender

Adjust-A-Wings Defender

Product no.: SPUDNIK

SPUDNIK Air Cooled Reflektor, Stucco, Glass 385 x 445 mm, connection flange: 125 mm

114.90 €
Product no.: sputnik 150

SPUDNIK Air Cooled Reflektor, Stucco, Glass 490 x 550 mm, Anschlussflansch: 150 mm

184.90 €
Product no.: reflek wing

The Prima Klima AZERWING PVD reflector is the latest generation of popular wing reflectors. The installed aluminum parts guarantee good heat dissipation of the light source.

Product no.: spann 1
Product no.: HALTERUNG
Product no.: Secret Jardin Dalm

Secret Jardin Daisy Reflektor - 100 cm

Secret Jardin Daisy Reflektor - 100 cm Durchmesser, für bis zu 1000 W