Guanokalong -Batguano

Guanokalong -Batguano
Guanokalong The proof that the bat guano from Guanokalong is ultimately organic is that the bats choose their own food themselves. The organic guano fertilizer is produced with the aid of natural ingredients from the droppings of bats. This guano has been piling up for hundreds of years in caves and over time was changed in to compost. Ripe fruit and healthy insects are abundantly available in the rainforest. Places where humans still have not had any influence. Let the spirit of the jungle become a part of your garden with the aid of Guanokalong. This plant nutrient is excellent for use in organic growing of consumable crops. Let the natural phosphate, the abundant presence of microelements and enzymes do their work. This organic super manure works to improve taste, quality and yield. How to use Guanokalong bat guano? Guanokalong has a rich and unique composition of macro- and microelements as well as enzymes. The macro-element phosphorus in particular is present in abundance. Guanokalong only gradually releases its minerals, thanks to which burning the plant’s roots is all but impossible. The unique enzymes and the high calcium/magnesium-concentration of Guanokalong stimulate the micro life in the ground. To completely fertilize compost or garden it is advisable to add extra fertilizers to the mix. Use: Mix 1 kg with 100 to 200 litres compost in the 1st week, or mix 1 measuring beaker of 50 grams per plant in a 7-litre pot. Outdoors: 1 plant = 100 gram every 2 months, starting in April. In order to fertilize a soil or garden completely, we recommend you to mix additional organic fertilizers: Nitrogen (fish = 100% organic) Potassium (palm tree ashes = 100% organic) Micro-life (worm castings = 100% organic, or compost as direct plant nutrient), Seaweed powder / extract (100% organic and also rich in magnesium and micro-elements).

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Guanokalon Taste Improver