PURPLE ALIEN new generation 2.0 128x3Watt

Product no.: purple 300
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The latest generations of LED grow lamps :

Elegant design and structure are effective for the new purple alien new generation series .

100 x 3 watt LED 's with "all- round" optical lens for better depth effect and higher LUX and Umol values ​​.

A 3 watt LED with optical lens creates significantly higher PAR values ​​as a single 5 watt LED behind a normal glass plate as with the older models.

Less power consumption for much more effective.
With an optimized spectrum for better yields .

300 Watt LED real consumption is 90 or 180 watts , depending on the cluster circuit 50 % / 100 %

quality Bridgelux LED's
High LUX and Umol grow LEDs
Size: 320mm x 320mm x 70mm
Weight 5 kg
110/220 Volt
On-off switch
and additional energy saving switch in the growth phase can be switched off half of the cluster is thus the average consumption at 125 watts per crop cycle
Beam angle 90 degrees


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cfl 200 blüte cfl 200 blüte
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Delivery weight: 3 kg
Budmaster II GOD-6 Budmaster II GOD-6
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Delivery weight: 10 kg
PURPLE ALIEN new generation 2.0 192x3Watt mit optischen Linsen PURPLE ALIEN new generation 2.0 192x3Watt mit optischen Linsen
999.99 €
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