Caluma Force 630W CMH

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Caluma Force 630W CMH including lamp fixture Technical details Suitable for two CMH 315W lamps (PGZX18 socket) Dimmable: 315W / 400W / 550W / 630W Soft Start technology for extended lamp life Low operating frequency Comprehensive protective functions Quiet reflection rate of the reflector 8 6% CMH - LIGHTING ARMATURE , DIMMABLE The light emitted by a CMH lamp is particularly similar to sunlight. The balanced light spectrum with components in the UV and infrared range promises high efficiency and healthy plant growth. It attracts high yields with low electricity costs, low heat generation and a long lamp life. The biggest disadvantage of the CMH technology so far has been the relatively high purchase price. These times are over now. With our 315W and 630W CMH fittings, entry into this promising lighting technology finally makes economic sense! The 630W fittings are dimmable in 4 steps (315/450/550 / 630W


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Kompaktamartur 1000 watt dimm Kompaktamartur 1000 watt dimm
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Delivery weight: 5 kg
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