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Ed's new book: Marijuana Grower's Handbook is the best. It has very detailed information on every aspect of growing cannabis. I like that the book is very linear and has sections like water and nutrients. It is very easy to pick out a chapter for study and then apply it to the garden. I just saw Ed yesterday at HempCon San Jose and he is one passionate guy. He rallied the troops for Prop. 19 and answered every garden question from the audience. What an enthusiastic guy. By the way, I purchased the book at a hydroponics store and the cover split right away. I was given a free copy that Ed autographed! Nice! I also like that the book spends time on outdoor gardens. This is a vital part of gardening. Most cannabis schools don't spend any time on this and I think it's not fair. There are many outdoor growers and it's nice to know that Ed is there for us, too. I have had many questions on growing and this book is a great resource. The cannabis industry is changing rapidly and it's great to have a champion like Ed Rosenthal. Buy this book and you won't be disappointed.


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