Important Customer Information

Prices and forwarding expenses The prices understand themselves inclusive of legal value added tax. Forwarding expenses depend of the quantity of the ordered goods as well as the mode of shipment and you before delivery of your obligatory order are clearly communicated. Forwarding expenses in the overview Deutsche Post: 8,50 € and/or. Expresszustelllung: 12,00 € Contract conclusion The representation of the products in on-line shop does not represent a legally binding offer, but a noncommittal on-line catalog. After input of your personal data and by clicking the button " Order abschließen" in the concluding step of the order process you deliver an obligatory order of the goods contained in the Warenkorb. The confirmation of the entrance of the order follows immediately after mailing the order. The sales contract comes off with our distribution confirmation or supply of the goods. If you should not receive distribution confirmation or supply within 2 weeks from us, you are bound no more to your order. Contract text The contract text is stored. They can see and on your computer store the general contractual conditions at any time on this side. The concrete order data as well as the general contractual conditions are likewise sent to you by email. Supply The prospective delivery time you infer please from the product description. If no data are given there, the supply takes place with order acceptance within 7 days. Revocation instruction They know your contract explanation within two weeks without indication of reasons in text form (e.g. letter, fax, email on) or by return of the commodity recalled, it is, you in practice of your commercial or independent vocational activity acted (orders by entrepreneurs). The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the commodity and a detailed instruction in text form. To the keeping the punctual sending off of the revocation or the commodity meets the period. The revocation is to arrange on: Greenbud Germany Revocation sequences To be given change in case of an effective revocation on both sides received achievements to be refunded and uses if necessary pulled (e.g. interest) are. If you cannot refund the received achievement to us totally or partly or only in worsened condition, you must carry to that extent if necessary indemnification according to value for us out. This is not valid, if the degradation of the commodity is to be led back exclusive on their examination, how it would have been possible you for instance in the Ladengeschäft. In all other respects you can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by taking the thing not like your property in use and omitting everything, which impairs their value. Things package-capable of being shipped are to be sent back on our danger. Things package-capable of being shipped are not fetched with you. They have to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered and if the price of the thing which can be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if with a higher price of the thing for the time of the revocation yet the return or a contractually agreed upon partial payment did not furnish you. The right of revocation does not exist for Goods, which are made after Kundenspezifikation or clearly are cut to the personal needs or which are not suitable for a return due to their condition or fast to spoil to be able or their expiration date was exceeded, Audio or video recordings or software, if the supplied data media were unsealed of you, Newspapers, magazines and pictorial. - End of the revocation instruction - Guarantee The guarantee takes place according to the legal regulations. Information over possible additional manufacturer warranties takes you please from the product documentation. They reach our customer service of working-day of 10:00 h to 16:00 h under telephone: 0176/22003078& nbsp; & nbsp; by email under greenbud@ HTUNG!!! We ask all customers with the observance of the Betäubungsmittelgesetzes (BtmG), the drug law and of the Food requirements article law greatest possible care reign to leave and also otherwise not against laws of the Federal Republic To offend Germany. Please your acquired market garden articles use only for legal plants.!!!
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